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“Humorous yet poignant” (Maddy Prior)

Welcome to the website of singer/songwriter, guitarist, recordist, producer and video maker Steve Adams. Steve is the writer and performer of surreal, humorous songs, such as “Cannabis Triffidus” and “Talking Pubsinger’s Blues” and of beautiful, often heartbreaking love songs (“I Need You”, “Superman Suit” etc). 

JUST RELEASED: Steve’s new album, “The Riff to End All Riffs” . You can listen to the album tracks now by going to the “Listen” page on this site.

Do visit the “Videos” page on this site. Most people seem to find the “Cannabis Triffidus”  cartoon video particularly entertaining. 

If you’d like to be put on the Steve Adams mailing list, or to contact Steve for any other reason, please click the email link below:

Contact email: stevekadams@hotmail.com