“Humorous yet poignant” (Maddy Prior)

Here’s where you can listen to parts of Steve Adams’ album tracks.

All tracks written, performed, recorded, and produced by Steve Adams (copyright protected).

1: All the tracks from Steve’s latest, 2020 album “The Riff to End All Riffs” :

1: The Riff to End All Riffs
2: Ecce Homo
3: Exactly Which Part
4: Me and my Damned Fool Heart
5: My Cool Disco Moves
6: I’m Doing Fine
7: Roundabout (Piano Version)
8: Breaking up
9: Well
10: Minstrel’s complaint
11: In Dreams With You
12: Up and Down
13: Why Don’t You Love Me?
14: September in the Rain
15: Ruth (Ambient no 1)
16: Sunrise (Ambient no 2)
17: Girl Meets Boy

2: Some tracks from Steve’s 2017 album “All Life is V.R.”:

Paradox blues
Little Angel
You’ll Always Have my Love
Torturing the Blues

3: Some tracks from Steve’s 2014 album “I Do Not Entertain Lightly”:

Superman Suit (Song for Keith)
Learn How to Love
Close Encountered
Gardening Tips
Get Ye Behind Me Satan
Get Your Google Pants On

4: Some tracks from Steve’s 2012 album “Book of Blues”:

Book of Blues
Kirk’s Blues
All Men are Autistic
Boy meets girl
I’m So Over You
Good to Know you
Stop Smothering Me

5: Some tracks from Steve’s 2011 album “The Big Fight”:

Cannabis Triffidus
I Need You
How Do You Sleep at Night?
Get it Right
Viagra Overdose
Hands On Experience

6: Some tracks from Steve’s 2012 remastered album “Busker at the Pearly Gates”:

Talking Pubsinger’s Blues
Alright Now
Rock Me Don’t Roll Me
The Untogether Band
Mr Cool (studio version)
Cannabis Triffidus